10 Steps to Easy Hand Quilting

10 easy steps to hand quilting like a pro:

Visit https://homemadeemilyjane.com/easy-hand-quilting for the full tutorial.

10 easy steps

Do you want to learn how to hand quilt? Now’s the perfect time to get started! If you’re really unfamiliar with hand quilting, head over to read about the supplies you’ll need.

Watch the full Easy Hand Quilting video tutorial here:

hand quilting

STEP 1: Time to gather your “quilt vision”. Lay the quilt out on a nice flat area and just look at it for a while. Ask the fabric where it should be quilted and plan out in your mind where your stitches will go. It is essential to start with a plan, so don’t skip this step! This is also where a nice ruler and hera marker come in very handy if you plan to mark your lines!

Find the rest of the free tutorial at https://homemadeemilyjane.com/easy-hand-quilting

easy hand quilting

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Duke on Quilt

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